We have a number of posters on display at this year’s conference.  You can view these here – click on the thumbnail for a larger version of the poster.

Criteria-led Discharge Pathway for ‘Overdose’ Patients from a Short-Stay Ward Environment

Magnus Rodrigues, Tom Harris

Can Early Warning Scores Measured in the Emergency Department Predict the Need for Life-saving Intervention?

James van Oppen, Kirsty Challen


Tranexamic Acid Use and Patient Outcomes with the Great North Air Ambulance

Kris Lawson, Phil Godfrey


Adult Head Trauma CT Re-audit

Khaled Kallas, Mark Twemlow, Jackie Gregson


Metal Detector in Paediatric Metallic Foreign Body Ingestion

T. Hussan


The Impact of Major Trauma Centres to Visitors Reliant on Public Transport

N Francie, J Harte, N Killips, P Moyles, T Nichols, T Sage, P Hersey


Measuring the Potential Benefit for Patients if the North East Ambulance Service Carried Activated Charcoal

Nicolas Simmers


A Painless Thoracic Aortic Dissection

Youssef Mahmoud, Tamer Shalaby, Nazia Rashid


Does Sepsis Screening Lead to Unnecessary and Harmful Antibiotic Prescribing?

S Ellis, M Rickards, L Maltas, C Collingwood, E Mynott


Is the Time to Intubation Less Than 30 Minutes in Trauma Patients Presenting to the Emergency Department with a GCS < 9?

Lucy Garrard, Alex Nevard, Jonathon Jones


Ionised Calcium Levels in Major Trauma Patients who Received Blood En Route to a Military Medical Treatment Facility

Tony Kyle, Ian Greaves, Anthony Beynon, Vicky Whitaker, Mike Brewer, Chris Wright, Jason Smith



Delayed Presentation of Scalp Swelling in an Infant: Sub-aponeurotic Fluid Collection

Sunil Esampalli, Sarah Coles, Dennis Bosman, Sachin Mannikar



Vertigo in the ED. How good at it are you?

E Kemp, K Lambert